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    Sales & Marketing:
  • Buyer, Supplier, Style, UOM, Composition, Size Ranges, Items etc
  • Costing, Contract, Booking(PO)
  • Sales Order, TNA
    Commercial Activity
  • Master LC/Contract
  • Authorization of LC Forwarding
  • BB LC Mgt.
  • Export LC Mgt.
  • EDF Loan Management
    Non MRP:
  • Product Master
  • Requisition, Transfer, Issue
  • Purchase Order,Goods Rcv, MRR
  • MRP:
  • Goods Rcv, Requisition,Transfer, Issue
Store Management
    Shop Floor Control:
  • Bunlde Card Generation
  • Sewing Input, Line Input, Sewing Output, Print/Emb/Wash, Finishing
  • Carton Procesing, Shipout
Production (SFC)
  • Business Variables
  • Overheads
  • Fixed Assests
Finance & Accounting
    Approvals of :
  • Costing
  • Purchase order/Booking
  • LC Forwarding
  • All types of Challahan
  • All types of Requisition
Approval Processing
    Gate Pass:
  • Wash/P&E Chalan
  • Transfer Chalan
  • Shipment Chalan
  • Other(Sample/gift) Chalan
Gate Pass
    Management of :
  • System Users
  • DB Backup
  • Access Log
  • Users Role
  • Users Team
System Administration
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